Does The Holiday Season Put Your Business at Higher Risk?

The Holiday Season is the busiest time of year for may businesses even if they are not retail. There are many inherit risks when it comes on increased productivity, however there are also holiday specific risks a business owner should be aware. At Sage Insurance Services Inc. we want your business to be fully protected from loss year round. We serve Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. 

Business Risks Unique to the Holiday Season

  • Theft is an increased risk during this time of year. in retail, the larger amount of people in and out of your business increases the risk, but even in other businesses, there are higher levels of theft from employees and other people. Offset this risk with increased security, and awareness. Also, a risk when it comes to theft within a business is employee injury be sure to educate your employee about not putting themselves at risk in the heat of the moment if there is a theft or robbery. 
  • Holiday parties are a perk of this time of year. They are a great way for your employees to get to know each other better and build moral across the company. However they do pose certain risks and drinking on company property should be kept to a minimum, even better for your liability issues would be to rent a room in a local restaurant or hall. 
  • The roads can be increasingly hazardous, even in areas without snow. this is due to increased traffic from shoppers, family visiting each other, and tourist in Las Vegas. Be sure to educate your employees that drive a company vehicle on increased holiday driving awareness. 

Contact us at Sage Insurance Services Inc. for more information about your business liability during the holiday season. We serve the people of Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas.