3 Common Causes Of House fires

What’s your greatest nightmare as a homeowner?

If unexpected disasters like house fires top your worry list, that’s no surprise. those are valid concerns, even if you do have homeowner’s insurance from Sage Insurance Services Inc.

In 2015, 3280 deaths occurred as a result of house fires in the US alone. In a dry climate area such as Las Vegas, NV, the fire risk is significantly higher. Here are the top 3 common causes of house fires.

1. Cooking Accidents

Have you ever left your stove or oven on unattended?

Its an innocent mistake: You figure you’ll just step outside or to the next room for a second while your meal is cooking. An open flame or an oven left on is never safe if unsupervised, though.

If you’re cooking, stay in the kitchen until your stovetop and oven are off. Also, don’t attempt to fight a kitchen fire yourself unless you have a fire extinguisher on hand. Never fight a grease fire with water.

2. Faulty Appliances and Bad Wiring

Is the wiring in your home up to code?

The second most common cause of house fires is an electrical issue, either due to a faulty appliance or bad wiring. Large appliances such as clothes washers are major culprits.

Make sure your wiring is up to code by hiring a certified electrician to fix any wiring issues if they arise. Never do the rewiring yourself.

Also, prevent nighttime fires by not running major appliances right before bedtime. According to this house fire statistical data, 50 percent of house fires happen during the night. Most nighttime fires yield bedroom fatalities. Before going to bed, turn off all major appliances such as clothes dryers, and disconnect any unnecessary power strips around the home.

3. Open Flames

Do you light candles around your home sometimes?

If so, make sure they aren’t left lit in risky places. If you leave the room, blow out the candle. Most importantly, don’t leave the candle within easy access of pets or children.

Does your Las Vegas, NV home insurance offer a generous house fire policy? Even if you take preventive steps, your home can be susceptible to this type of devastation. A robust home insurance policy can mean the difference between a tragedy and a temporary setback. If you haven’t already, contact a helpful agent at Sage Insurance Services Inc. to explore and buy coverage that will give you peace of mind in your home.




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