Driving in the Snow in Las Vegas: Advice for Teens

When thinking of Las Vegas, most people don’t think of it snowing. Truth is, it does snow in Las Vegas sometimes, especially in the surrounding mountainous areas. Because of this, you must make sure that your teen is ready to drive in the snow. Fortunately, there are many helpful tips you can share with your teen driver about staying safe in the snow when driving. 

Slow Down

First and foremost, you need to explain to your teen that when driving in the snow, it’s important to slow down. Speed limit signs don’t apply when weather is hazardous, and this includes when driving in foggy or rainy weather, as well. 

Put it in 4WD

Next, if your teen is driving a vehicle that is equipped with 4WD, you will need to show them how to put it from 2WD into 4WD. Switching the vehicle over to 4WD when driving in the snow is the best choice to make because all four wheels will be turning, thus giving the vehicle much better traction. 

Check the Tires

Regardless of whether or not you instruct your teen to check his tires before driving in the snow, you should check them, too. You are responsible for your teen, and this includes making sure he has a safe vehicle to travel in. If the tread on the tires is below 6/32", you’ll either need to invest in new tires or find a different vehicle for your teen to drive in the snowy weather. 

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Five Safety Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

When you live in Las Vegas, there are some safety tips that you should now as a pet owner. Knowing these will help to keep your dog or cat significantly safer, especially during the summer months.

#1: Get Creative with the Water Situation

Get creative when you put water down for your pet. Remember that it’s going to get hotter, and if your pet knocks over their dish or they drink it all, you want to make sure that they still have plenty. You can buy a dish that has a dispenser attached to it, or you can place multiple dishes around the house.

#2: Buy Paw Protection

Paw protection sound silly, but your pets need to have some kind of protection on their feet when they walk on the hot concrete.

#3: Invest in a Life Vest

If you enjoy boating, you probably want to bring your pet. Invest in a life vest that is meant to fit them properly, and pay attention to the weight of your pet versus what the life vest is made for.

#4: Get Your Pet on Preventative Meds

Take a trip to the vet to get your pet on some preventative medication for heartworm as well as flea and tick control.

#5: Avoid a Parked Car

You may be running into the store for “just a minute,” but you never truly know how long you are going to be in there. Leaving your pet inside of a parked car can be extremely dangerous, and cost your pet its life. As your dog pants, all of that hot air is going to get trapped inside and they could potentially suffocate.

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