Tips for Maintaining Your Home This Autumn

We are pretty lucky here in Nevada when it comes to winter preparation. While people in other states are getting ready for several feet of snow, we get to enjoy mild conditions in the months to come. However, there are still a few home maintenance tasks that need doing this autumn.

Prepare the Exterior of Your Home

Preparing the exterior of your home is important. Make sure any leaves or debris are removed from your guttering system to ensure proper water flow. You will also want to remove any annual plants that are on the end of their cycle and trim away any tree branches that are close to your dwelling. Put away any garden hoses, patio furniture pieces, or other outdoor accessories to keep them safe from damage during the off-season.

Maintain Your Furnace

Even though the temperatures don’t really dip too badly here, cold snaps can still happen. Thus, it is important to make sure your furnace is maintained in the fall and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Start by changing out any air filters and checking all system connections. You may also even consider calling a local HVAC professional to do a full system checkup. Most companies offer major discounts this time of year, so be sure to ask them if they are having any seasonal specials.

Prepare Your Pool

Many Nevada homeowners have swimming pools in their backyards. Prepare for the winter by having the pool drained or the system setup for the winter. Calling a pool care professional to come out may also be a great idea.

It is also important to make sure you have proper insurance coverage on your home. At Sage Insurance Services Inc., our knowledgeable team can help you determine exactly what level of insurance you need for your property. For more information, please contact us today.


Auto Insurance Discounts As A Student

It is important to save as much money as possible on auto insurance. When you live in Nevada, there are discounts that are available to you as a student. Knowing about these can ensure you get the best rates out there. Not all companies offer them, and you may not qualify for all of them, but knowing what is available is half the battle.

Good Grades

Good grades can go a long way to helping you save on auto insurance. There are various insurance companies that will provide a discount, and how good your grades are will determine just how much your discount is. Some companies will even give a bonus discount if you are on the honor roll or make the dean’s list.

Low Mileage

If you can show that you don’t drive a whole lot, you may be able to qualify for low mileage discount. If you live on campus or close by, this may be all you need in order to receive a discount. When you are ready to get quotes, be prepared to identify how many miles you drive on a regular basis.

Defensive Driving

There are various defensive driving courses that can be taken, and this can help to drive the cost of insurance rates down considerably.

Clean Record

No tickets and no accidents will make for a clean record – and insurance companies look for this sort of thing. If you can maintain a clean driving record, it will show that you are low risk, and insurance companies will reward you with a more affordable policy.

At Sage Insurance we are prepared to help you find discounts as a student on your car insurance. Call today and let one of our agents work to find a policy for you in Las Vegas, NV.