Motorcycle Deer Season Tips for Las Vegas Riders

Motorcycles riders in Las Vegas, Nevada are used to the large amounts of wildlife in their area and have learned to be wary on the road, as this can result in an accident that causes damage and minor injury at the very least, if not worse. However, deer season is an especially dangerous time, where herds of deer are prone to mindlessly crossroads directly in front of motorcyclists. If you hit one, it could mean serious injury or death, so here are some tips for motorcyclists when riding during deer season in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Spread Out When Riding in a Group

Motorcyclists often enjoy riding close together on the road. Don’t do this during deer season, as one of you may hit a deer or stop short to avoid hitting a deer, which will cause all of you to crash together and cause a painful, costly and dangerous accident.

Have Proper Insurance 

While it’s not inevitable, there is a higher likelihood you will hit a deer during this time of year. So make sure you have good insurance for yourself and your bike. Sage Insurance can help find you a policy that works for your needs, as they serve the greater Las Vegas, NV area.

Wear a Helmet

Even though it is Colorado law to at least wear a partial helmet, many motorcycle riders break the rules, because that’s part of riding a motorcycle. Yet if you hit a deer without a helmet, you’re most likely going to be badly injured if not killed.

One Deer Often Means Many More 

Where there is one there are often others following, so keep this in mind when you see a deer ways up in front of you.

Also, not speeding allows you to stop more quickly and have better control of your motorcycle. Just be mindful of this during deer season because you may have to stop at any time.

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