3 Tips for Displaying Items at a Garage Sale

Anytime you’re selling something, presentation is of the utmost importance. Even at a garage sale, it’s important to make sure the items you’re selling are displayed so that they catch people’s eyes but are safe. We at Sage Insurance Services Inc. have compiled a list of tips for showcasing items at garage sales.

How To Display Items at Garage Sales

When setting up items at a garage sale, there are two main considerations to keep in mind.

First, you want people to notice your sale from the road as they drive by. You can catch people’s eyes by placing large, enticing items near the curb and bringing everything you’re selling out onto your yard or driveway. If your items are hidden in your garage, people will be less likely to stop and peruse your wares.

Second, you also don’t want the items you’re selling to be stolen. Small valuables, in particular, should be kept close to where you’ll be during the sale so that you can watch them. While it’s fine to place large items near the curb, anything that could be easily pocketed and is worth a lot should be put in a safer location.

Make Sure Your Items Are Insured

In addition to keeping your small, valuable items secure, you should also make sure all valuable items that you’re selling are insured. It’s easy for thieves to take things from a garage sale, and you’ll want insurance if your stuff is stolen. In most cases, the items sold at garage sales would fall under the personal property coverage of an insurance policy and be governed by that coverage’s terms and conditions.

If you’re holding a garage sale soon, check to see if your personal property coverage protects the items you’ll have out for sale. If you need help checking and live in Las Vegas, NV, we can help you. Simply send us a message asking for assistance through our website.


Don’t Gamble with Your Car’s Performannce

The thrill of risk draws many to Las Vegas, NV, and some are so raptured by it that they never leave the city. While many people enjoy a pull of the lever or throw of the die, there is one thing you should never gamble with: your car. Neglecting routine auto care will negatively impact your car’s performance and leave you dangerously exposed to unwanted risks.

Take Care of Routine Auto Maintenance

Routine auto maintenance is not the most exciting aspect of owning a car. It’s an important aspect of owning a car, though. The details in your car’s owner’s manual about maintenance and care aren’t just to increase your service bills. They help keep your car performing at its peak.

Maintenance varies slightly from car to car. There are a few general maintenance items you should pay attention to, regardless of what make or model you drive, though. They are:

  • oil changes
  • brake inspections
  • tire rotations

If you’ve neglected any of these items recently, make sure to have them done soon.

Take Care of Auto Insurance

Just as you should look after your car’s physical care, you should also take care of its insurance.  If it’s been a little while since you last looked at your auto insurance policy, you might want to review your coverages.  If your circumstances have changed, they may need adjusting.  Even if you still need the same coverages, you might be able to find them cheaper from another insurance company.

We at Sage Insurance Services Inc. aren’t experts in auto maintenance, but our independent agnets are experts in auto insurance.  For help reviewing your auto insurance policy or finding a new one, contact us by sending us an email or calling our office.