Homeowners Personal Injury Claim in North Las Vegas

A personal injury claim can be made against your homeowners insurance for injuries that arise in any number of ways. The cable guy could be standing on his ladder when it falls because of a loose gutter it was resting against. Your aunt might get bitten by your suddenly overly protective dog when she reaches for your daughter to get a hug. In the event that somebody does get injured on your property, you’ll be glad that you had your homeowners insurance.

There’s significant personal exposure out there if you don’t have sufficient homeowners coverage. If the cable guy takes a $200,000 judgment against you, and you only have $100,000 of liability coverage, you’re personally on the hook for that extra $100,000. The math is simple. You want adequate coverage.

We’re independent insurance agents, and we live and work in or around North Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re established and trusted members of our communities. Because we’re independent agents, we’re connected to multiple insurers. From those insurers we can offer you choices of who insures your home, what types of coverage you’ll have and how your premiums will be paid. Agents for the mega insurers can’t do that because they’re tied in with only one company. We’re even able to customize your coverage to suit your individual needs, including personal property endorsements for particularly valuable items in your home.

Because we work with multiple insurers, the information we give you isn’t colored by one single insurer. Our information and advice is objective, unbiased and free of undue influence by any one insurance company. Whether you’re buying your first home, or you’re just window shopping for a homeowners insurance package around Zip Code 89165, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll be happy you called.



Can Technology Save Your Business Insurance Costs?

Las Vegas, Nevada isn’t just home to casinos and flashing lights. Many businesses incorporate in Nevada because of the tax advantages afforded to their businesses. Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company or you have a small startup, you can benefit from saving money in Las Vegas, including the costs associated with insurance. The following are three ways technology can save your business insurance costs. 

Purchase Telematic Devices
Telematic devices are computers that monitor and track drivers while they are driving. Some devices are capable of delivering real-time information about drivers. These devices are used by insurance companies to monitor drivers who subscribe to usage-based insurance services. With these devices in your business cars, you can keep an eye on drivers who are driving recklessly and reward those who are safe drivers, which will ultimately help you lower the costs of auto insurance.

Secure Your Data
Businesses, large and small, are on the defense when it comes to cyber attacks. Breaches involving big companies, such as Anthem, Home Depot, and Barnes and Noble demonstrate that no business with an online presence is immune to the attacks of hackers. Businesses must protect their data using multiple layers of security, and reinforce their position with the purchase of data breach insurance. 

Buy  Cars with Technologically-Advanced Safety Features
Cars that brake when too close to other cars, or cars that have forward collision avoidance are must-haves when employees are driving your business cars. These safety features exist to prevent accidents, which will help your business reduce the number of claims it has each year. By purchasing cars with safety features, you will save your business insurance costs, in the long run.

There are a number of ways to reduce the costs of commercial insurance using technology. To learn more about strategic measures your business can take to save insurance costs, contact our local office and talk to one of our knowledgeable insurance agents.