The Easiest Way to Save on Your North Las Vegas Commercial Insurance

If you own a business in North Las Vegas, Nevada, you are probably always in search of way to operate more efficiently. This can mean looking for new products or services, searching for ways to increase margins, and searching for better ways to save money. The challenge in saving money is doing so without making sacrifices.

What is the easiest way to save on your commercial insurance without making sacrifices? It is by contacting an independent insurance agency. Independent insurance agents are not captive to only offering the products of one company. They are free to search multiple carriers, seeking the best coverage for the most affordable cost. Independent agents are also local, meaning they are available to answer your questions, conduct an insurance review, and even help with claims. Because they are local, you are supporting the community. Local agents live and work in the area, and pay taxes that support our city. If you live in the 89165 zip code area, we hope you will contact Sage Insurance Services Inc.

Sage Insurance Services Inc. serves the North Las Vegas area with business and personal insurance. For easy quotes in your homeowners or auto insurance, visit our website. By answering a few simple questions, we’ll get started searching for you. Once you see how we can save you money on your personal insurance, we are confident you will let us compare your commercial insurance.

For commercial insurance, contact Sage Insurance. Our agents know North Las Vegas and the types of coverage best suited for your particular business. Contact us today. Saving money without making sacrifices is easy when you contact an independent agency like Sage Insurance Services Inc. We look forward to serving you!

A Learner’s Permit In Las Vegas: How It Impacts Car Insurance

Las Vegas is the most well-known city in Nevada and is commonly known as Sin City because of all of the casinos. There’s always something going on within the city, whether it’s a slot tournament, a special event at one of the casinos, or a food truck get together on The Strip.

Car insurance is impacted when someone obtains a learner’s permit and therefore you need to know what the impact is.

The cost of the insurance is going to go up. The reason for this is because a young driver carries more risk. They may know the laws of the road, but they are still a newbie behind the wheel. They’re used to watching someone else behind the wheel instead of doing the driving and this can result in slower reaction times and accidents.

You want the person with the learner’s permit to be on your car insurance policy. If they get into an accident and are not on the policy, then it costs you a significant amount of money out of pocket. The car insurance company would deny the claim because they are not part of the coverage.

Car insurance is going to be impacted, but it doesn’t have to be significant. You can work with insurance agents to help you find the best policy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our independent agents work with a number of companies and this allows us to find quotes to help you with the comparison process.

Insurance companies know that they are assuming some risk, but if the driver has good grades, is in a safe car, and has taken a driver’s education program, there may be ways to get a reduced premium. The agents will work on finding you as many discounts as possible. Make the call now and let us see what we can do for you.