Homeowners Insurance Policies and Earthquake Insurance

If you live in Nevada, there’s a growing chance that you have earthquake insurance in addition to your homeowner’s insurance coverage. However, even in Nevada, a very small percentage of homeowners carry earthquake insurance. Many people think their homeowner’s insurance policies automatically cover all belongings in case of an earthquake. But, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover all belongings demolished in a devastating earthquake.

If you own expensive jewelry and antiques, your valuables may not have the coverage you require unless you also have earthquake insurance. Although earthquake insurance is expensive, it’s easy to find the best coverage for your budget when you speak with one of our professional insurance agents. Even if you live in New York or Kentucky, there’s always the chance of an unexpected earthquake, so you need to read the fine print in your homeowner’s policy to find out if you’re completely covered.

Whether you live in Texas or Missouri, chances are likely that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover earthquake insurance. One difference between coverage offered by your homeowner’s insurance and coverage offered by an earthquake policy is that earthquake insurance provides compensation for damages that are caused solely by an earthquake. If your homeowner’s insurance policy is difficult to decipher, contact our office to make an appointment with an agent who can explain the details.

Unlike flood insurance, if you owe a mortgage on your house or condominium, you are not legally required to have earthquake insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover you for certain damages, but, if an earthquake is a culprit, you may learn quickly that you have lost your home and belongings without having the necessary funds to replace your property. Consequently, it is best to give us a call and discuss your concerns. Contact Sage Insurance today to discuss your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Don’t Throw the Dice on Las Vegas Car Insurance

Minimum mandatory liability insurance laws in Nevada permit inexpensive coverage because they don’t require much coverage at all. Yes, you’re covered up to your policy limits if you’re in an accident with somebody else and you’re liable. Up to your policy limits is the issue though.

To comply with Nevada’s financial responsibility laws, you’re required to carry only $15,000 liability per person, $30,000 per occurrence and $10,000 for property damage. That’s not nearly enough coverage for a serious accident, and it leaves you totally uninsured if you’re in a single car collision or hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

People come in and out of Las Vegas from across the globe. Many forget their thinking caps on the airplane when they get off. They pick their rental car up at the airport, and off they go. You don’t want to be sitting at a red light minding your own business when you’re suddenly hit hard by somebody with no insurance. You’ll discover quickly that your coverage isn’t going to pay for your car repairs, medical bills, lost earnings or temporary rental.

As independent insurance agents, we keep on top of our clients’ automobile insurance coverage. There’s just too much for our clients to risk without it. Our reputations ride with our service. Because we’re part of your community and live and work with you here in Zip Code 89145, we take special care of those reputations.

Independent insurance agents aren’t agents for just one company. We’ll access any number of very reputable insurance companies for you, and give you choices at the best coverage at the best prices. There’s more than one choice out there and we have them. Don’t try to beat the odds on your automobile insurance.