What Happens to a Person at Fault for a Car Accident With No Insurance in Las Vegas, NV?

Your money will definitely stay in Vegas if you drive without auto insurance coverage. Nevada imposes strict fines on drivers who don’t meet the state’s auto insurance requirements.

Registration Requirements

You need to register your car within 30 days if you drive it in Nevada. And, you must get insurance before you register your car. If you need to cancel your insurance, cancel your registration first, and then cancel your insurance. But, remember, you can’t drive your car without registration or insurance coverage.

Penalties For Driving Without Insurance

If you drive your car without insurance in Las Vegas, the department of motor vehicles will assess fines if you get pulled over. The fines you pay depend on whether it’s your first incident or you’re a repeat offender. The time you’ve been without insurance also impacts how much you pay.

  • You might pay up to $1,750 in fines.

For example, if you’re a first time offender, and your insurance coverage lapsed within the last 30 days, you’ll pay a fine of $250. But, if it’s your third offense, you’ll pay $750 in fines. The fines increase if your lapsed coverage continues beyond 30 days, so you might pay up to $1,750 in fines.

  • You might lose your licenses.

The DMV will take away your driving privileges for 30 days if you’re a repeat offender on your third offense. Your policy’s lapsed period has no bearing on this rule. So, if you’re policy lapsed yesterday, but you’re driving about today, you risk losing your licenses for at least 30 days.

  • You might need to pay a security deposit

If you’re at fault in an accident and you don’t have insurance, you risk losing your driving privileges. The DMV will set a hearing for you, but you can attend it or waive your rights to it. The hearing determines whether a court is likely to hold you liable for damages. If so, you might need to pay a security amount toward those damages. During the hearing, the Director also decides whether to suspend your licenses and registration.

  • You might need to carry an SR22

After a suspension, you might need to carry a certificate of financial responsibility or SR-22. An SR-22 certificate proves that you have insurance, and you’ll need to carry it for three years. If you drop your coverage during this time, the insurance company notifies the DMV immediately. The DMV, in turn, might suspend your license and your registration.

Don’t put your driving privileges at risk. Call us today so our knowledgeable agents can help you get affordable auto insurance coverage in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Having Dental Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Many people forgo dental insurance, viewing it as an additional expense that they may never see the benefit of. This type of insurance, however, offers several benefits and is a wise investment for almost every person.

Budget Dental Expenses

For a family of four, even routine dental expenses can become costly. A cleaning may cost $100, or more, and then children periodically need additional treatments as they age. While the specific amount will vary, a couple with two children may spend as much as $1,000 on preventative dental treatments in a calendar year.

With a dental policy, these expenses can be budgeted throughout the year. Rather than facing a large bill when everyone goes to the dentist, you can pay a flat monthly premium. To see what your premium might be, get a quote on our website.

Do Not Delay Treatment

When properly insured, there is no need to delay a dental treatment for financial reasons. As long as you go to an in-network provider, the majority of your expenses should be covered by the insurance policy. To see if your current dentist is one of our insurer’s in-network providers in Las Vegas, NV, check the list on our website.

Purchase Dental Insurance Before Your Next Toothache

If you do not currently have a dental policy, look up available policies and their premiums on our website. It only takes a few minutes, and you may be surprised at how inexpensive dental coverage can be. Of course, you have to purchase it before your next toothache. If you delay, you might have a headache paying for treatment, in addition to the toothache.