I am getting a divorce and need to remove my ex-spouse from my health insurance. What forms do I need to complete?

Getting a divorce in Las Vegas, NV can change a variety of concerns in your life, including your insurance coverage. When you are getting a divorce, it may be necessary to remove your ex-spouse from your health insurance policy. Although every insurance company has different rules and methods of handling the situation, it is likely that you will fill out paperwork.

Inform Your Insurer

The qualified life events that allow you to make adjustments to your life insurance at any time include divorce, so you will need to inform your insurer about the situation. After you call the insurance company, you will be sent appropriate paperwork based on the situation. In most cases, a single page is required that you can fill out and send back to your insurer. The name of the form may vary between companies.

Send Documentation

When you are changing your paperwork, your insurer may ask that you send official documentation. Send any documents that are associated with the situation to ensure that your paperwork is processed.

Legal documents must be copied and sent with the form in most situations. The insurer will need the copy for their records and then you can adjust the policy based on your particular needs and goals. Self-enrollment solutions will vary, so you may need to make changes to the policy if the plan is not appropriate for your goals.

Changing your coverage so that an ex-spouse is no longer covered is not difficult, but it will require some appropriate documentation and sending the paperwork that the insurance provider requires. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about the paperwork and the solutions that are available when you are changing your insurance.

Should I File a Claim if My Car Has Been Damaged by a Natural Disaster?

Should you file a claim if your vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster? That depends on several things. First, you need to know if your vehicle is covered for the naturally occurring disaster that happened. This is something that you can determine with a reading of your insurance policy, or better yet a call to your insurance agency.

Most natural disasters, for example, hailstorms or lightning storms, are going to be included in the coverage of your car insurance policy. However, since every policy is different and there are variations depending upon where you live, you can’t assume that every disaster will be covered.

Another thing that you might wish to consider when making the decision about filing the claim is whether the damage is actually serious enough to warrant a claim. As you may know, the more claims you file the more likely you are to have a raise in your yearly insurance rates.

Some people choose not to file the more minor claims since they feel it would not be worth filing a claim over. For example, if your deductible is higher than the cost of the repair will be, there generally would be no real reason to file a claim.

Ultimately, the decision to file a claim or not is up to you, but your agent can be an invaluable help at this time. Don’t underestimate how important your car insurance agent can be to you in times like this. If you have a potential claim of any kind, from natural disaster to car wreck, it is important that you have an agent you can trust and rely on.

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