How do I renew my home emergency insurance?

When your home emergency insurance is about to expire in Las Vegas, NV, you may worry about the process of renewing the policy. Depending on your preferences, goals and plans, the renewal offer that you may be provided by your insurance provider may or may not be appropriate for your needs.

Review Your Current Plan

Life tends to cause changes over time, so a home emergency insurance policy that was appropriate one year ago may not be appropriate for the next year. Before you assume that renewing the same plan is the best course of action, review your policy and evaluate the coverage that you currently maintain.

You may need to contact your insurance provider if you have any changes to your situation or if you want to adjust your policy so that it fits your goals and concerns. It is best to inform your insurer about any changes before you start renewing the plan.

Ask for a Renewal

Some insurers will automatically renew your policy, but others may require that you fill in paperwork or contact that insurer to inform them of your plans to continue your coverage. The details about when you need to send any documents or paperwork may vary based on the policies of the company, so talk to your insurance provider early.

If your insurer determines that you will not be offered renewal, then it may be necessary to start looking for a new plan. Compare your options before you agree to any new policy.

Protecting your home does not mean that a basic homeowner’s policy is the only coverage that you may need. Sometimes, emergency protection is necessary. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about renewing your plan and getting the best rates for your needs.

Does my home insurance policy cover my air conditioner?

Few single home appliances are as expensive or as important as the air conditioner, but what makes it particularly unique is that a major component of it often sits outside the home itself. When a homeowner has an air conditioner with the condenser unit sitting somewhere in his or her backyard, nobody could blame them for wondering if it would actually be covered by their homeowners insurance in case of damage or malfunction. As it turns out, the location of the appliance has little to do with how it is insured, as long as it is on the property.

In determining whether or not a home insurance policy will cover an air conditioner, the first question to ask is "What happened to it?" Most homeowners insurance will cover an air conditioner if it is damaged in a storm, or a fire, or even if it is vandalized. Some policies might even cover it if it is damaged as a result of frozen pipes. What homeowners insurance usually does not cover is normal wear and tear, the damage that might occur to an air conditioner over time with normal use. To cover this sort of damage, a homeowner would need to purchase a home warranty, or some similar type of program or policy.

Every home insurance policy is different, and they can be complicated for people who are not terribly familiar with them. Rather than be surprised by a denied claim, you should take the time to talk to an agent about your policy and make sure that you understand what is covered and what is not. As your independent agent, we can answer all of your insurance questions and even help to make sure that you’re getting the best rate on the coverage that you need, so contact us today!