What exactly is covered under my home insurance plan? What is excluded?

When it comes to understanding exactly what is covered under your home insurance plan in Las Vegas, NV, your insurance agent will be your most important resource. Although only your own agent can tell you for certain whether a specific thing is included in your insurance, this article will talk about the things that are usually included and excluded.

In most cases, your home itself, including the house and everything inside your house, will be covered under the homeowner’s insurance. Certain exclusions may apply. For example, if you have a very valuable stamp collection, that collection may not be covered under your basic policy. This is also true of unusually valuable jewelry or nearly any high value item. You would need to talk to your agent about making sure special coverage provisions called riders are created for such property.

If you keep a lot of cash on your property, be aware that only part of that will be covered under a homeowner’s policy in most cases. Talk to your agent about whether extra coverage would be possible in this situation.

One common question that people who own ATVs or boats have is whether the vehicles are covered under the homeowner’s policy. In general, you will need to maintain a separate watercraft insurance policy if you plan to keep a boat on your property. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover vehicles, however there may be some limited coverage on boats so you do need to check with your agent to make sure.

To be sure that everything on your home property is included in your insurance plan, be sure to talk with a highly experienced agent. Our agents are available to give you free comparative home insurance quotes from all the major companies, and we can tailor a quote just for your needs. Feel free to try our online quote comparison tool or call us today.

I have homeowners insurance. How is a Home Warranty different?

Your home insurance policy and a home warranty are two very different forms of protection. One policy protects you from events that destroy your home and property, the other is designed to protect you from major repair expenses if components in your home fail.

Homeowners Insurance

A home insurance policy protects your home from damage due to certain perils. Fire, theft and most storm related issues are included. If your roof is torn off by high winds, your insurance should cover the repairs. If a fire destroys your kitchen, your insurance helps you rebuild.

Your personal property is normally covered for damage by the same perils. Your furnishings destroyed by fire would be replaced subject to your deductible and plan type. Most policies will include liability protection and medical payments if someone is injured on your property.

Home Warranties

A warranty is often offered when you purchase a new or older home. In some cases, the builder or seller will pay for the first year. In others, you can choose this protection on your own. A warranty is a guarantee against failure of specified components in the home. These programs are also service contracts, if a covered item fails; you are normally only responsible for a low set fee for repair or replacement.

The average home warranty will cover items like the plumbing and electrical system. You HVAC system, water heater and other major appliances may be included. Plans can be written to include a variety of conditions. For example, if the plumbing develops a leak, the contract would provide repair or replacement after you may the service fee. These plans often contain clauses that require homeowners to take normal maintenance steps.

If you have additional questions about your insurance policies, get in touch with us. We want to make sure you have the full homeowner’s coverage that you need. You can also use our services to get comparison quotes online at your convenience.